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About Us

 Our Aims

Our broad aims are to work for the welfare of the poor & needy students in Fiji.  Our particular aim, for the present, is to provide for the educational needs of those children who are on the lowest rung of the economic ladder.  We commend any effort to assist the disadvantaged.

In a similar vein, our focus is on assisting those needy children for whom there is no other hope.  These are the ones that can hardly pay for their school lunches and bus fares, let alone school fees.  They are the neediest of the needy.

Presently our assistance is confined to Secondary Schools Vocational Training, and Fiji Institute of Technology Certificate & Diploma levels.  Our resources do not permit us to extend any aid at the University level, although in some extreme cases, help on a personal level by our members has been extended.  The scope of funding and selection criteria is carefully reviewed each year. 

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