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Hereunder we publish extracts from some of the letters received by us which reflects the poverty level that we will have to deal with.

"Sir, at the moment we are surviving with the assistance received from the Social Welfare ($90.00) a month. It is insufficient to afford the bus fare ($40.00), electricity, school fees and food. Sir, sometimes we have to go without food. My mother is the sole bread winner in my family. My mother does not have land from where we can generate our income."
Krishneel Kumar

"My father's annual income is only $403.78 and has to support the whole family consisting of 5 members. Including myself, 3 of us are schooling and my father has to pay school fees, bus fares, uniform and stationeries for all of us without getting any help from any other voluntary organization. I am the eldest in my family, therefore, I'll have to be educated and earn so that I can help my other brothers in order to break the poverty cycle of my family……"
Dinesh Vikash Chand

………."Sir, I am surviving with social assistance amounting to $92.00 a month. Sir, I have to buy food, make payment of electricity, water, and afford rent and other small expenses".
Prabha Wati

"I am requesting for some assistance because my family is very poor and cannot pay for my rent and school fees. At times we go to bed without eating"
Nilesh Chand

"The reason for me to apply for this scholarship is because I come from a very poor family background. I am a child of a single parent, whereby it becomes very difficult for my mother, the only bread winner of the family of three, earning an average income of $50.00 per week, in meeting our needs."
Jeevneil Seru

"I live in an extended family with a total of seven members where my father is the sole bread earner. He is a farm labourer on my grand mother's farm. His income is $800.00 per annum. I have a small brother who is in form 2. The income is used up to fulfill the family needs and it's hard to pay for the educational needs".

"We are four members in the family that has a very poor background whereby our mother is an asthmatic patient therefore she cannot do much to help the family but she still goes to do some work such as work as a house girl and even works in the sugarcane field despite her sickness. My father has fractured one of his legs in the accident, is a labourer and is not that eligible in doing many tasks to support the family. Sometimes both of us sisters have to work in the sugarcane field during the weekends which enables us to pay our bus fare and buy our stationeries. Sometimes we do not take lunch along with us when there is not sufficient food to feed the family. In our school when the teachers come around asking for the fees, we are humiliated in front of the entire class".
Ashwita and Priya

"My parents are labourers and we also do not have a piece of land and currently we are residing on one of the farmer's land. My parents find it very difficult to pay for my school fees. The amount of school fees that I have to pay is $520.00. In order to pay our school fees my parents take loan from other people and when we go back home in holidays we work on their farms in order to pay back,"
Roneel R. Kumar.

Stories you may not have read (Had it not been for ICFI and your support……).

Below are extracts of original letters received by us from grateful students attesting to the values of a very small helping hand.

Dear Sir,
…………"after considering my examination results, family background and the problems I was facing, ICFI agreed to provide me a scholarship to complete my studies at the Fiji Institute of Technology………………..Because of the ICFI scholarship and the support I have completed my studies successfully and now I am holding Trade Certificate in Light Motor Vehicle Maintenance. At present I am working for Nestle (Fiji) Ltd as a machine operator." "Once again a big thank you, Vinaka vakalevu and dhanewaad to ICFI president and staff for your great support in my career".
Rajesh Prasad

Dear Sir,
"I would like to express my sincere gratitude and humble appreciation to your organization for providing me with financial assistance to cover the costs of my study for the current year. "Sir, the help given to me is prodigious, and I am indeed very touched and happy. This assistance given has no doubt eased the financial burden faced by my family and thus now I am able to concentrate on my studies more properly. I thank ICFI for being a beacon of HOPE for many students in Fiji and pray that the almighty god continue to bless all of your members and executives". "With these words, a very big Thank you to International Congress for Fiji Indians and I look forward with optimism to your incessant and amicable support in the near future."
Alvin Avin Ram

Dear Sir,
"I, Shenal Rozaleen Nisha of Fiji Institute of Technology would like to express my hearty thanks for your contribution towards my studies… "I wish to express my gratitude to all the members of your organization. Your contribution has eased the biggest problem which was affecting my studies. Once again sir, I am really very grateful for your help. May God make you a shinning star and enable your organization to run successfully in future".
Shenal Nisha

Dear Sir,
"I, Savita Devi Chand would like to thank the ICFI organization for the great help in terms of financial assistance. I am proud of the organization as it has enabled me to complete my diploma in Business Management successfully. Due to this, I got a job with the Ministry of Youth and Employment."
Savita Devi chand.

Dear Sir,
I would like to thank the entire International Congress for Fiji Indians (ICFI) for assisting me to complete my trade Certificate in Electrical Engineering programme at the Fiji Institute of Technology. I thank you sir once again that ICFI had given me the opportunity to make my career a successful one. Thank you sir, for financially assisting me". I am now working for P&T Fiji.
Ajitesh Ashnil Singh

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